The Tutankhamun Prophecies

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With the eye of an astute detective, Maurice Cotterell, the man who broke the code of the Maya carving, retraces the footsteps of Howard Carter and examines the life, times and tomb of Tutankhamun. Using a key from the pyramids of Mexico, he unlocks the codes which have kept safe the secrets of the boy-king for more than three thousand years.

His discoveries are as remarkable as they are sensational:

  • Tutankhamun's Tomb could never have been robbed; the chaos in the antechamber was only part of the riddle
  • Akhenaten could not have been Tutankhamun's father
  • Like Lord Pacal, leader of the Maya, Tutankhamun encoded the super-science of the Sun into his treasures as a message to future generations
  • The Book of Revelation in the Bible, the decoded treasures of Tutankhamun and those of Lord Pacal all tell the same story

This ancient knowledge is known and thrives today, concealed in sacred geometry, cherished by the Church and the higher orders of Freemasonry. For the first time ever, Maurice Cotterell reveals the reasons for the secrecy, reasons which affect the future of us all.

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