The Viracocha Tansformer of Tiahuanaco - Short Tourist Guide

A5-size (folded). 18 A5-size pages plus a transparency pack containing one transparency and one paper copy of the carving.

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This short tourist guide, which contains one single coloured transparency (together with one coloured hard [paper] copy), allows readers to decode, for themselves, the carving of Viracocha, found on the lintel of the Gateway of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia.

It describes, briefly, the history of the ancient Peruvians and Bolivians. When the Maya transformer decoding process is used on the carving, Viracocha is seen standing in front of the Gateway of the Sun measuring the angle of the corner stones of the temple of the Kalasasaya, through the gateway. The message being that earthquakes, caused by the earth tilting on its axis, brought destruction on four previous occasions to the Tihuanacos.

The fact that the carving lends to the same decoding process used by the Mayas suggests that some form of communication existed between the cultures, which existed hundreds of years apart. The answer to the riddle is revealed when the Sun shield of Monte Alban is decoded (see home page). This shows pictures that say that Viracocha of Tiahuanaco was a reincarnation of Lord Pacal, and Jesus.

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