The Amazing Lid of Palenque (Part 1 and 2)

A4-size Springback-Hardback
Volume 1, (101 pages)
ISBN: 0 9513195 1 5
£ 400

A4-size Springback-Hardback
Volume 11, (71 pages)
ISBN: 0 9513195 6 6
£ 225

Limited availability. Available by mail order from the author.

Maurice Cotterell decodes the Amazing Lid of Palenque, the design on the carving of the sarcophagus lid that covered the tomb of the Maya priest-king Lord Pacal, in the Pyramid of Inscriptions, Palenque, Mexico, and shows the carving to be the long lost 'Bible' of the Mayas 'The Popol Vuh', said to have been hidden from the searcher and the thinker in antiquity.

The book decodes over 100 secret pictures, some of them moving pictures that the author describes as 'videos'. These explain the history of the Maya and the secrets of this life and the afterlife; why we live, why we die and why this has to be.

Printing technology does not yet exist to mass produce this book, which contains more than 32 A4-size transparencies, enabling the reader to see the hidden pictures for themselves - so each book is hand made to order.

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