The Mosaic Mask of Palenque - Short Tourist Guide

A5-size (folded). 9 A5-size pages plus a transparency pack containing two transparencies.

Available by mail order from the author
Price: £10.00 (US$15.00) inc p&p.


This short tourist guide, contains two transparencies, allowing readers to see the decoded pictures featured.

The Amazing Lid of Palenque, the `Rosetta Stone' of Maya civilisation, contains instructions on how to decode other treasures of the Maya. Using this knowledge Maurice Cotterell uses the same process to decode the mosaic jade mask that covered the face of Lord Pacal in his tomb at Palenque.

The short tourist guide decodes 9 secret pictures which, like The Mural of Bonampak, explain the life and times of Lord Pacal.

The author's unique decoding process reveals pictures that say Lord Pacal brought life and brought death, that he took to the throne at the age of 9, that he was known to his people as the feathered snake and that he was the good God who ruled the four corners of the sky (the heavens). They show that, in previous incarnations, Lord Pacal lived as Buddha, Jesus and Tutankhamun.

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