A Series of Lectures

Core Lectures

How the Sun affects Life on Earth    1.5 hours

How the sun's radiation determines personality through genetic mutations at conception (sun-sign astrology). How the planets affect the foetus at conception and birth. How the 28-day revolving sun regulates menstruation and fertility. How the sun controls biorhythms. How sunspots control the rise and fall of civilisations. Calculation of the sunspot cycle. Catastrophe cycles - how the sun's twisting magnetic field causes periodic catastrophic destruction on earth. How the sun, and overhead power lines, cause cancers. How the sun causes Schizophrenia. How X-rays from computer screens cause miscarriages.


Life Theories (why we live, why we die and why this has to be)    0.5 hours

What God is. Einstein's e=mC²; how the big-bang created the physical World. The Theory of Divine Reconcilliation (why the Universe exists). The Theory of Iterative Spiritual Redemption (how the soul gets to Heaven). Reincarnation. Time. Karma.


How, and why, the Ancients encoded their wisdom into their treasures   0.5 hours

How the brain works. Ways of preserving knowledge. Ways of protecting knowledge. Ways of encoding knowledge. Ways of compressing information.


Follow-on Lectures

The Secrets of the Mayas    (abridged) 1.5 hours

Decoding the treasures of the Maya; The Secrets of the Temple of Inscriptions, Palenque. Maya Transformers; The Amazing Lid of Palenque. The Mural of Bonampak. The Mosaic Mask of Palenque. The Sun-shield of Monte Alban. Stela J of Copan.


The Supergods    0.5 hours

Supergod selection criteria. Who were they? Why did they come? What was their message? Association with Venus.


The Secrets of the Egyptians    1.5 hours

How they understood the super-science of the sun. Who was Tutankhamun? Who was Akhenaten? Who was Nefertiti? The secret message of Akhenaten. The secret message of Tomb 55. The decoded secrets of the tomb and treasures of Tutankhamun.


The Secrets of the Peruvians    1.5 hours

Legends of the Incas. The pyramids of Sipan. The secret tomb of Viracocha 'foam of the sea'. The secret tomb of Viracocha Pachacamac 'God of the World'. The truth about Machu Picchu; why the Incas built walls without gaps between stone blocks and why they blocked up the windows. Why they connected building blocks with copper straps. The works of Arthur Posnansky at Tiahuanaco. Who was Viracocha of Tiahuanaco. Who drew the lines in the sands of Nazca? Decoding the carvings of the Tiahuanacos.


The Secrets Codes of the Terracotta Warriors    1.5 hours

The Pyramid of the First Emperor. The historian, Ssu-ma Ch'ien. The secrets of: the face shapes, the pits, the battle formations, the hands, the tunic dots, the hair. The Bronze Chariots. Who was the first Emperor? The secrets of the jade suits.




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