The Mural of Bonampak

A4-size Springback-Hardback (21 pages, plus 10 A4-size transparencies)
ISBN: 0 9513195 3 1 £165

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The Amazing Lid of Palenque is the 'Rosetta Stone' of Maya civilisation and contains instructions on how to decode other treasures of the Maya. Using this knowledge Maurice Cotterell uses the same process to decode a section of one of the Maya wall paintings, 'The Mural of Bonampak, from the Temple of Bonampak in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.

Like the Amazing Lid of Palenque. The book decodes 10 secret pictures which explain the life and times of Lord Pacal. His unique decoding process reveals pictures that say Lord Pacal was conceived through an immaculate conception, born in a stable and that he died on a cross made of two pieces of wood; drawing parallels between the life of Lord Pacal and Jesus Christ. They also say that when he died he became the twin-star (planet) Venus, the brightest and purest source of light in the heavens, just like Jesus, who says in the Bible '... 1 Jesus ... am the bright and morning star' Revelation XXII v 16

Like The Amazing Lid of Palenque, each book is hand made to order.