The Mural of Bonampak - Short Tourist Guide

A5-size (folded). 9 A5-size pages plus a transparency pack containing one transparency and one paper line drawing of the painting.
Price: £10.00 (US$15.00) inc p&p.

This short tourist guide, which contains one single coloured transparency (together with one coloured hard [paper] copy), allows readers to decode, for themselves, just one of the secret pictures contained in one section of the mural from the walls of the temple at Bonampak, Mexico.

It describes, briefly, the life and times of lord Pacal, showing his birth in a stable, his life - as the lord of sacrifice - and his death, upon a cross made of two wooden sticks. At the end, his life is celebrated with applause, as Lord Pacal bows (curtseys) before the audience.


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