The Lost Tomb of Viracocha

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ISBN: 1591-30005-4

In The Mayan Prophecies, Maurice Cotterell showed that the ancient Mayas of Central America possessed a knowledge of a very high order, a knowledge that modern man is only now beginning to grasp.

In TheTutankhamun Prophecies, he decoded the treasures of the boy-king and showed that he too shared much in common with Lord Pacal of the Maya.

Cotterell now follows the trail of the Supergods to South America and discovers the treasure-filled tombs of two more sun-kings, buried over 1,500 years ago in the long-lost pyramids of Peru. These two great kings shared much in common with lord Pacal and Tutankhamun; each performed miracles and taught the super-science of the sun, together with the higher orders of spirituality. They explained the laws of astronomy and encoded their secrets into their treasures, preserving for ever the secrets of this life into the next.

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