The Supergods

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Published in English by Harper Collins - Thorsons: 77-85 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, LONDON W6 8JB.

Price: £16.99 (UK).

(Also available in Paperback)

ISBN: 0-7225-3463-9 £7.99 (UK) - $13.00 (USA) - $17.00 (Canada).

In The Mayan Prophecies Maurice Cotterell revealed how the mysterious beliefs of the ancient Mayas, who believed we are living in the fifth and final age of the Sun, were based on sound scientific principles.

In The Supergods he goes further still, asking how a people living more than a thousand years ago in the jungles of Central America came to possess such extraordinary prophetic insights. Where did this super-knowledge come from? His research reveals, for the first time ever, incredible pictorial evidence that proves the man in the tomb at Palenque, Lord Pacal, priest-king leader of the Maya, was no ordinary man. This King concealed his knowledge in the treasures of his tomb and brought super-knowledge to his people, just like Krishna, Buddha and Jesus before him.


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